My name is Dylan. I design things.

Introducing Modular  

I’ve long been bothered by grid systems/frameworks that were either too opinionated or solve too specific a case with way too much hand waving and kata. So like all frustrated people with a penchant for development “I wrote my own.™”


Initial Features

But this isn’t ‘Modular’ like, say, Müller-Brockmann’s layout systems…

Well smarty pants, I want to work on that. My next goal is to refine the current features and introduce an easy way to declare heights at different resolutions.


First, this system is used here at Groopt and has made life way easier and we hope it helps you. Second, we’ve built our products off of the hard work of other people’s open source projects, and we hope to give back in the same manner. Lastly, Please use it, please break it, then fix it, and maybe open a pull request. :D

The Goods

https://github.com/dylan/modular - Check it out here.

https://github.com/dylan/modular/issues - Contribute here.